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Friday, November 28, 2008

Ever Since the World Ended (2001) DVDRip XviD - Twist [Rapidshare] Ever Since the World Ended (2001) DVDRip XviD - Twist

Drama, Sci-Fi

2006 (USA)

Calum Grant, Joshua Atesh Litle

Aubrey Ankrum, Christine Cannavo, Chris Chambre, Ronald Chase, Josiah Clark, Rashida Clendening, James Curry, Sally Dana, Chiara Deluca, David Driver, Stewart Fallin, Ann Feehan, George Frangides, Matthew Kenney, Kai Langenberg, Stella Lochman, Greg Lucey, Ed Archie Noisecat, Linda Noveroske, Brad Olsen, Dan Plumlee, Mark Routhier, Mary Rutherford, Ava Sadripour, Adam Savage, Angie Thieriot, Simon Thieriot, Jessica Viola

Twelve years ago, a plague swept through, wiping out most of the population; in San Francisco, only 186 people remain. Two of them use jury-rigged batteries to power a camera and make a documentary. We see a variety of approaches to survival, from the artist and engineer who trade for their needs, to the surfers and woodsmen who fish and hunt, to the scavengers, and a communal farm. We also see how the community deals with those who threaten it, and how the youth are growing up with different values from those who knew our world.

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