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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Jammed DVDRip XviD [Rapidshare] The Jammed DVDRip XviD

Drama, Thriller

Dee McLachlan

Emma Lung, Veronica Sywak, Saskia Burmeister, Masa Yamaguchi, Todd MacDonald, Andrew S. Gilbert, Kate Atkinson, Damien Richardson, Anna Anderson, Susannah Bayes-Morton, Gabby Brennan, Luke Buckmaster, Grant Cartwright, Martin Chellew, Ani Clarke, Dennis Coard, Adriano Cortese, Pedros Coulloupas, Anthea Davis, Darren Giles, Scott Gooding, Matthew Grant, Ben Harkin, Bernadette Heald, Ferdinand Hoang, Andrew Iser, Debra Lawrance, Yang Li, Ho Thi Lu, Amanda Ma, Samir Malik, Phillip McKechnie, Christine Moffat, Dominique Musico, Cameron Nugent, Martin Paris, Sun Park, Glenn Reichelt, Jamesen Re, Therron Rochfort, Sophie Ross, Chris Ryan, Skye Savic, Rosie Simonsen, Rosie Smith, Darren J. Spangler, Matt Wearing, Alison Whyte, Gareth Yuen

Inspired by court transcripts and actual events, THE JAMMED is a social thriller about trafficking and the sex slave trade in Melbourne. When a Chinese mother arrives in Melbourne to find her missing daughter, she enlists the help of Ashley Hudson. Ashley reluctantly agrees to help search, and is soon drawn into the dark underworld of this cultured city as she tries to rescue three girls from a trafficking syndicate. As the story unravels the sinister workings of illegal prostitution and governmental deportation is filled with twists and surprises.

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