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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mother Ghost (2002) DVDRip XviD - aAF [Rapidshare] Mother Ghost (2002) DVDRip XviD - aAF

Comedy, Drama

3 March 2007 (USA)

Rich Thorne

Mark Thompson, Kevin Pollak, Dana Delany, Jere Burns, Charles Durning, Garry Marshall, James Franco, David Keith, Tyler Goucher, Wendy Davis, Heather Shannon, Raymond T. Williams, Greg Cromer, Ali Pomerantz, Amanda Dickson, Joe Mantegna, Brady Smith, Amy Wade

Keith Bennets (Mark Thompson) mother passed away a year ago, and he feels like he has moved on with his life, until one morning his mothers jewelry shows up on Keiths bathroom sink. The same jewelry she was buried in. Keith tells his wife Karen, (Dana Delaney) about the jewelry and that is the last straw. She claims he is distant and has shut her out. Now he thinks he is seeing things that aren't there and if things don't improve, she will take their only son and leave. Forced with the ultimatum, Keith launches himself on a day of reclamation. Keith winds up on the phone with a popular radio Psychiatrist (Kevin Pollak) who guides Keith through what he cannot see on his own. Keith discovers a new man and a new attitude. Several people are listening to Keith's plight on the radio and are making changes of their own. Is this dead visitor all in Keith's head or is she truly a Mother Ghost?

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