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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ripple Effect (2007) LIMITED WS DVDRip XviD - DASH [Rapidshare] Ripple Effect (2007) LIMITED WS DVDRip XviD - DASH

Drama, Music

Philippe Caland

Philippe Caland, Forest Whitaker, Virginia Madsen, Minnie Driver, Kali Rocha, John Billingsley, Jerry Katell, Orlando Seale, Kip Pardue, Betsy Clark, Joanna Krupa, Ken Sylk, Robin Arcuri, Denise Crosby, Elena Satine

Fashion designer Amer Atrash, perpetually on the verge of success, is undergoing a personal crisis in both his marriage and his business. Attributing his misfortune to bad karma from a wrongdoing committed fifteen years prior, he sets out to correct his mistake, and in doing so, experiences a spiritual awakening.

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