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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Suffering Man’s Charity (2007) DVDRip XviD - B1L [Rapidshare] Suffering Man’s Charity (2007) DVDRip XviD - B1L

Comedy, Horror

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming, David Boreanaz, Anne Heche, Carrie Fisher, Jane Lynch, Henry Thomas, Karen Black, Maria-Elena Laas, Rachelle Lefevre, Ermahn Ospina, Alison Guh, Clay Allen, Whitney Allen, Lauren Balefsky, Monique La Barr, Susie Park, Kevin Paul, Tom Poole, Brandon Stacy, Desean Terry

John Vandermark (Cumming) has taken in a struggling writer, Sebastian St. Germain (Boreanaz), who overstays his welcome. When John discovers that Sebastian has simply been using him, he turns the tables on his young tenant in an effort to make him work off his rent debt. When Sebastian dies accidentally in the process, John tries to make it up to him by helping him get his book published posthumously. When the book is published, John can't help but take credit for the work of genius... and Sebastian comes back to haunt him.

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