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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Weekend 2007 DVDRip [Rapidshare] The Weekend 2007 DVDRip

Fantasy, Horror

Peter Stanley-Ward

Chris R. Wright, Warwick Davis, Dan Palmer, Simon Stanley-Ward, Greg Martin, Hannah Flint, Howard Lew Lewis, Jon Nicholas, Ben Richards, James Ford, Sophie Rundle, Tamaryn Payne, Chris Musselwhite, Peter Stanley-Ward, Harrison Hawker

There is a place... a place called Grockleton, wherein, high on a hill-top stands the lonely Beesley's Manor, governed by the villainous 'Landlord' and his lowly male counterparts (Pooch, Pike and the diesel-swilling Dobbin). Always on the look-out for new female company to help carry on the Beesley name, the Landlord keeps a watchful eye over Grockleton and anyone who dares to enter his land. When three improbable heroes stumble unsuspectingly into the Beesley's realm they are cruelly snared into a menacing hunt and an unstoppable frenzy of heart racing mayhem! Will the Landlord triumph and collect his 'trophies' (and maybe even a future bride?), or can the unlikely trio be victorious against him in his own game?...

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